Humble and modest origin ….Originally ACCHE was established in 2006. Initially, the institute started off as the Australian Consultancy Center for Higher Education. ACCHE started off as an entity that permits students to seek foreign education in Australia. As the years passed the demand for the service escalated. Taking the demand as an omen, the coverage expanded to countries like UK, USA, New Zealand, and Canada by 2010. ln 2011 ACCHE got recognized by the New Zealand government as a reliable and effective agent.

What’s the institute’s main focus?
ACCHE is a foreign education consultancy center. The main agenda of the institute is to give consultation to prospective students and guide them on their journey to seek education abroad. English fluency is critical to surviving in foreign conditions. Recognizing the necessity, the extremely service-oriented ACCHE has incorpo­ rated the IELTS in each branch currently in operation and the final examination is offered in 2 branches (Galle and Negombo). Students have the choice to follow the IELTS program and get registered for the examination under the watchful gaze of the ACCHE experts.

What are the options available once a student leaves the country?
The sole objective and aspiration of each student who is sent abroad should be to achieve higher education to become an academic or a professional. The facilities provided depend on the government policies of each respective country. Such policies enable students to work part-time and work while they learn half-day during the academic year and full time during semester break. This itself is an advantage that would simplify the
repayment of student loans. Students have the potential to receive the ‘Post Study Work Visa’ upon graduation from the foreign university, The validity of the work visa depends on the country’s Australian work visa validity period is 2 years once a 3-year bachelor’s degree or a 2 year MBA is
completed. Undergraduates who finished 2 years of education or postgraduates who finished 2 years of studies will be granted a graduate job search work visa valid for up to 3 years in New Zealand. The Canadian
post-study work visa validity spans up to 3 years. Ultimately, the validity period depends on the duration of the degree program which was agreed to study. That is until the conclusion of the candidate’s degree program.
In addition, equal work rights are given to both spouses. The offspring of the candidates are given equal preference in relation to the native children of the respective country New Zealand promotes free education for the children of candidates only if the dependant is in possession of the full-time work visa. Australia has strict migration policies. The invitation to come and study is extended globally. However, the candidates have to leave once their studies are completed. On the other hand, New Zealand and Canada are migration destinations. Flexibility is provided for those who have achieved excellence in studies, which grants permission to apply for PR. PR is awarded once the candidate meets the criteria set by the government’s point system.

Find accommodations once arriving in a foreign country. A convenient service is provided for students upon landing on foreign shores. Airport pick-up and accom­ moderation are guaranteed, regardless of the country: It is possible to guarantee a part-time job in certain states of certain countries. First-time foreign school visits, opening foreign bank accounts, achieving student work visas are all monitored and conducted under the consultation and guidance of the experts in ACCHE.

Progress achieved throughout the years …
Considering the overall progress, ACCHE has carved out bright futures for over 5000 students ever since diversifying the opportunities that were provided in However we do not measure our success through numbers. It is the quality and the satisfaction that the students receive that determines the success of any institution. ACCHE is rated among the top 10 best
institutions in the foreign education sector. This is as a result of the strategically disseminated web of branches covering Maharagama, Negombo, Kandy, Galle and the latest to be opened in Bambalapitiya (ACCHE Prime Head Office). All 5 of these branches act as centers for IELT training and examinations. The accessibility of the service through these branch locations have been the major reason for the success that is observed during the past 9 years. Senior Counse­llors of the Head Office visit each branch to conduct interviews at least once a week.

Cost component which students have to incur …
All consultancy regarding Foreign Higher Education is provided free of charge. The cost that has to be incurred depends in relation to the country chosen, the nature of the educational qualification which is to be pursued(foundation level, diploma, degree, postgraduate (etc), and the University which was selected. On average, a student who attends an Australian College has to incur an initial cost of around 12-16lakhs; an Australian University initial cost hovers around 16-18 lakhs albeit these figures depend on the University which is selected. In countries like Australia and Canada, payments are done on a semesterly basis
(every six months). However, certain countries prefer if students paid the fees outright at the beginning of each year. The lowest living cost for a student is recorded in Canada.

Minimum qualifications required for a student to receive such entitlements …
The Foreign Higher Education system is built around each and every individual. It facilitates opportunities that fit the qualifications, skills, and capabilities of a student. The Sri Lankan education structure is such
that certain grades are expected to be granted state university admission; even if students pass. Foreign Higher education does not require such grades, three passes would suffice. Assume a student has only finished Ordinary Levels. That student has the capability to pursue a foundation
level plus a professional degree. Foreign Universities like Deakin and Swinburne have their branches located in Sri Lanka. Students have the opportunity to conclude the foundation level (for 8 months) locally and visit
abroad to the main University, or receive the overall package from the foreign university directly: The situation dictates that a student has the possibility to be a fully authentic graduate by the age of 20 if started at
the opportunistic time.

What makes ACCHE unique and stand out from the rest?
Australian, New-Zealand, Canadian visa requirements are all similar regardless of their’s A, B, C, or C types. Even the University visa requirements are the same. Course­ fees charged are almost similar. So why should an individual select ACCHE? Experience matters the most. Nearly 15 years in the industry have granted ACCHE a sense of responsibility and authenticity: The legal connections that have been established with a consider­able collection of foreign universities have always been our greatest strength. Students are able to select the program which is custom-made in accordance with their skills and the available budget in a country that fits their ambition. Ultimately, the Visa success rate achieved since 2010 is estimated to be around 98 o/o. The free consultation services provided by the expert counselors act as agents of reassurance for our students.

Anything special about the ACCHE Prime-Bambalapitiya?
The main objective of ACCHE Prime is to establish a branch in a central location in Colombo which is accessible via various other routes and destinations. Bambalapitiya can be easily accessed through various
routes. It is expected to live up to the name ‘Prime’ by ensuring even better and standout services.

Is it true that a specific bank balance is required to be shown before immigration?
It depends on the immigration policies of each country, Which acts as a security bond. Mostly the amount required should be aligned with the student’s course fee, the amount which compensates living costs for the first year, and the cost for a return air ticket. The final amount which needs to be deposited shall be advised by our expert counselors who have a minimum of 5 years of experience handling similar case scenarios.